Liberal University of Oregon Virtual School

Old Oak TreeA key part of the Liberal University of Oregon project, is the development of suite of computer-based learning modules to instruct, entertain and perhaps even enlighten. This proposed plan is only preparatory and tentative, but the process is sufficiently underway, as indicated by the work already being successfully done throughout the community. The courses and curriculum will be modified to suit future additions and conditions, but the plan indicated in the present prospectus is to be initially divided into these four departments of knowledge:

1. Physical Sciences and Mathematics.
2. Biologics, including Physiology, Psychology, and of course Agriculture.
3. Social Sciences including History, Politics, Economics, and Ethics.
4. Environment, Art and Health - The three pillars of Community

The University will serve as virtual laboratory, workshop, garden and farm, where technical knowledge and practical skill can be shared broadly, and then applied locally. Keeping with the over-all goals of the LUO Project, an emphasis on Transition, Re-localization and Sustainability will guide the underlying principles throughout. And working with local Silverton area organizations and others, we hope to help transform the virtual to reality.

Much has been lost to our culture, in regards to modern society. Its many conveniences and perks have often masked an underlying ignorance of issues, processes and techniques once deemed essential to everyday life. We embrace the best of modern technology while celebrating our history. In the process, we hope to help keep Silverton the strong, creative community it has long been known to be.